Music Business Specialists

Make your next move in music industry the beginning of a life-long career.

Mogul Makers is passionate about giving musicians the freedom to create music. We work fearlessly with a select roster of talented independent musicians and bands to protect their artistry and spread their message. We’re proud to help cultivate brand longevity by improving how our clients structure and manage their music business.  

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Music Production

  • Composition, sound design, mixing and remixing
  • Master recording audit​
  • In-studio Support
  • Collaborator Matching

Music Business Administration

  • Music Business Registration
  • Copywriting and song registration
  • Performance Rights Organization (PRO) Administration
  • Digital Streaming 
  • Royalty Reporting​
  • Sync Licensing
  • Sample Clearances 
  • Music Research
  • Music Publishing Administration
  • Record Label Services

Digital Distribution

With over 250 digital streaming outlets worldwide, choosing a distribution partner can

  • DiPhysical & Digital Distribution Management

Marketing & Promotion

  • Artist Branding
  • PR, Bookings + Promotion + Festival submissions
  • Global Release Planning
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING + Fanbase Development [Book Audit]
  • Worldwide Playlisting
  • Radio Promotion
  • Creative Support

Design Services

  • EPK + Branding
  • Merchandise Design

Music Video Production

  • TV commercials, corporate & product videos
  • training videos or video marketing campaigns