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Mogul Makers Consultants

is an innovative multimedia specialist network committed to helping content producers respond to industry transitions while achieving their business goals.  With more than 30 years of experience in business development, digital design, and content production, our primary goal is to maximize every client’s potential to build, grow, and sustain a creative brand in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Whether you are a designer, gamer, vlogger, musician, label, content producer, or small business owner, we make it easy for you to make a living doing what you love.

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Realize your dream of becoming a business owner! We provide support and expert advice to build a brand and register a new business in the US. If you already have a business, we can help to adjust your workflow to increase productivity.


Propel your creativity forward. Whether you are a creator in need of a fresh perspective, or want to find more ways to make your content work for you, we offer unparalleled support to help convert our clients' visions into successful business realities.


With keen focus on brand identity, we are proud to help creators and companies stay competitive in today’s content driven market. Our innovative strategies help clients improve how they structure their business and engage their audience.


When producing daily content, it can become increasing difficult to find what you are looking for. We help creators identify and implement technologies to manage their content libraries and archives while protecting their artistry.

Our Services

Music Business

We provide comprehensive Music Specialist services to help artists build a solid foundation, poised for a life long career.

Content Production

Connect with our Content Production Specialists for a variety digital design solutions from e-commerce design to social media services.

Digital Asset Management

Having an organized content system will save your company both time and money.  Our Content Collection Specialists meticulously cull your digital files to increase the efficacy of your workflow and processes for media libraries of all sizes.

Business Development

Take your creative passions to the next level – business owner! If you are a new business owner, our services can help you too! At Mogul Makers, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies into a profitable business venture.


Mogul Makers is absolutely amazing! Their depth of knowledge of metadata, taxonomy, creative workflows and asset management was instrumental to the success of our project. They are wonderful to work with, flexible with communication and systems, and very patient. Overall, I appreciated their attention to detail and thoroughness and plan to continue working with them in the future.

Jasmine Davis

Podcast Host

I really had a great experience working with Mogul Makers. They are very well educated on all aspects of building a Shopify store from scratch, from apps to use, website design, logo, and the advice was spot on! I will definitely work with Mogul Makers again on my next project. I highly recommend them.

Erick Kayioni


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Text +1 (646) 450-5734

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